In a simple traditional attire, the humble Deputy General Overseer(DGO) of GOFAMINT, Pastor  Samuel Ola Ewuola, mounted the podium to the admiration of the gathered youth at the Third  National Youth Conference (NAYOCO) of GOFAMINT. The event was the Day Three main teaching  session and the topic Christian’s Functional Names.   The message presented some functional appellations Christians are addressed by amidst some other names. This includes sons of God, disciples, sheep, and light of the world. As a starter, he briefly  defined a Christian is an individual who has accepted the gift and sacrifice of Jesus Christ into his life according to the book of John 3:16 and Rom.5:6.

  ‘At that point,God’s mercy produced grace and the grace produced salvation which ensures such  individual’s name is written in the book of life’ The professor submitted that a Christian must know  whom he is and one of such knowledge is knowing himself as the light of the world, quoting Matt.  5:14 to drive home the point.He then encouraged Christians to be straightforward, uninfected by  negative influences of, and associations with,unbelievers, and appropriate the unconquerable nature of Christ as some of the qualities of the light He has made us.   Jesus assures us that nothing can overcome us.

On the nomenclature‘salt of the earth’, Daddy DGO  said, ‘We are supposed to add value to the world.’ Taking on the name ‘disciples’, he informed that  discipleship involves devotion to apostolic teachings, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer. He  expressed his strong passion for the word of God as his calling and the strong point of the Mission.   Going further he said,‘The church in the New Testament did not live by miracles but on basic concepts of the teachings of Jesus which include faith in Christ for salvation, repentance, restitution,  sanctification.

The Number Two man in GOFAMINT condemned the current lack of zeal towards God’s word, as seen in low Bible study attendance. He concluded the teaching with a special prayer which  he assigned one of the Gospel Students Fellowship National Executive Committee members, Pastor  Segun Ajayi, to handle.


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