The Force of the Cross – Pastor Richard Usenu


The Force of the Cross

Lord of Hosts, tonight, by the victory you obtained on the cross, destroy every work of the devil in my life perfectly and permanently’ and in this suppliant mood Pastor Richard Usenu, the Region 4  Regional Pastor (RP), proceeded to deliver the mind of God to the eagerly waiting youth in the  opening message of the 2014 GOFAMINT Biennial National Youth Conference.   He progressed systematically in the message by beginning with the beginning of the message title. The Force of the Cross.

The anointed pastor defined force as effectiveness, power, potency, dynamism, might and weight while he gave a long and loving list of significance and signification of the Cross.  ‘The cross is the most important spot in the universe because it is the place God died on a spot for a course and the fit was sacrificed for the unfit,’ is one of such semiotic statements he made.   He was so much full of praise for the cross and described the sacrifice therein the wonder of wonders and mystery of the mysteries where mercy and justice met together. He further pursued, ‘It is the  point of radical obedience towards God where Jesus was abandoned by his people who trusted in him and by God whom he trusted in order to carry out divine solidarity with the sinful humanity and  restore back things man has been deprived of before.’

As a parting shot on the semiology of the Cross he said, ‘The Cross cancelled our Karma and  henceforth the devil must be under our feet. Now, the stream of grace is bigger than the river of guilt.’ At this point, the elder clergyman went on about the benefits and blessings of the Cross of Jesus  which included pardon, peace, power, paradise, purity, prosperity and proper victory over sons of  death (sickness). Exploring Revelation 5:12, he identified another set of blessings that flowed from  the Cross as power, riches, wisdom, strength, glory, honour and blessing.   In the final run of the message the Regional Pastor presented the four views of the Cross, which every child of God must have.

First, they must see Jesus crucified. Secondly, they must see themselves  crucified. The third view is to see the self and all its passions crucified while the fourth and final view is to see the world system around them crucified. Many lives were led to Christ and rededicated to Christ after the ministration and a powerful prayer session.


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