EZRA 3:1-3, HAGGAI 2:9


 In material decoration, religious view and magnificence, the temple Solomon built and adorned with all manner of expensive and valuable materials accumulated by David with incredible spoils taken from conquered nations and enlarged by him (Solomon) gave the temple a glory.

The greater number of workmen employed, the vessels of worship and objects, materials and symbols, arc of covenant, urium etc., all contributed to the glory of the temple. At dedication, after the priest and the singers made one sound in worship, the whole house was filled with cloud the glory of the lord appeared. Attempts made to rebuild it after its ruin fell short of the initial quality and glory, the older generation wept bitterly when the foundation was been laid.

However, God promised to give a second temple, no room for the third, God also promised a greater glory. The fulfillment of this promise began to manifest in the substance of our flesh through the son given to us whose name should be mighty God. I John 1:14. The glory of this temple was in him. He was made flesh and dwelt among us.

He (Christ) is more truly glorious, he represent the latter glory. THE LEAST OF CHRIST IS GREATER THAN ALL THE MAGNIFICIENCE OF SOLOMON AND THE TEMPLE.

The presence of the Messiah, his doctrines, miracles etc provided spiritual glory, spiritual worship and devotion, grace, peace and truth. Christ is the Lord of the temple. He daily sat in the temple to teach and reveal things hidden from the foundation of the world.

He said he that sees me, sees the father; John 14:9 because he has come to set the captives free.

God in line with is design and timining was set to pour out his spirit upon all flesh Joel 2:28. This is the latter rain, the latter glory, the latter house, and temple. He is set to pardon guilt and destroy sin that displeases God and disquieted man himself.

The dispensation of grace marks the beginning of the latter day while the former house was a physical edifice, the latter is the temple of God (i.e. you, your body 1 cor. 3:16-17)

The former temple was built by hand; you are built by the spirit. The former house was adorned with physical decorations; the latter with the presence of Christ spirit in you, the hope of eternal glory!

The glory of the latter house shall usher in true revival, restoration, selfless (godly) service, faithful followership, purposeful leadership, out pour of the gift of the spirit and manifestation of fruit of the spirit and the prosperity of Gods people.

The fullness of glory shall be attained after what bible scholars called the “3rd shaking” of heaven, the earth, land and sea and the destruction of powers and principalities; when Christ shall be all in all. 1 peter 3:22, then we shall be like him.

Welcome to the season to receive salvation, peace, restoration by the power of Christ spirit.

Day 1


For 430years, Israel was in Egyptian slavery, though the Lord had promised to deliver them by 400years, their refusal to cry unto the Lord (pray) partly extended their slavery. “God may not move until you make a move”.

When their cry reached God, his servant Moses was raised for their deliverance. The sacrifice offered which was a symbol of a perfect sacrifice to come (Jesus Christ) activated their unconditional release. On the 9th hour, Jesus cried with a loud voice on the cross and gave up the ghost, the veil in the temple torn unto two, thereby giving every one unhindered access to the throne of grace and mercy. A veil is anything that hinders or disguises. It represents middle wall between you and God. God is waiting for you to make a move (act).

Remove every hindrances and things that displeases him. It is a divine condition that calls for urgent action.

Genuine repentance and true conversion enables to be partaker of the glory. If you have no right standing before God, you will not have a justifiable say and cannot be a recipient of his glory.

As religious as the children of Israel were, there was a limitation for them  to enjoy the glory of God (veil). Jesus the glory in the temple is available now.

Let us pray

  • Removing the veil – Confess and repent from all shameful acts; gossips, slanders, mismanagement of kingdom resources, stealing by tricks, abuse of position and power, misrepresentation of facts, lie, laziness, deception, immorality, hatred, causing disunity among the brethren, disobedience to parent, ingratitude etc.
  • Lord I am available
    1. I am available to enter the realm of your power, let every obstacle be totally removed from our lives.
    2. Holy Spirit, my body is your temple, fill my entire life
  • Holy spirit give me the understanding and the grace to be doing what is true and right
  1. Holy spirit release your grace to me and the enablement to overcome evil of our time
  2. Lord make me a spotless church
  3. We dedicate our lives to you Lord
  • We rededicate our churches and homes to you Lord
  • Make our lives, homes and churches your sanctuary
  1. Through the power and blood of Jesus we remove all power and work of darkness in our lives and all our endeavours.
  2. Let the power of Christ fall on me.

Day 2


PSALM 44:4, NUMBERS 11:1-3, HEBREW 12:26-29, PSALM 34:10

The situation in Israel that prompted the Lord to speak through is prophet is similar to our nation today. The enormity of the problems surrounding us may blindfold us to ignore and invite the supernatural intervention of God. We must not be discouraged. The sorry state of the nation has put many homes into bondage, many are becoming beggars on daily basis, the economy situation is putting undue pressures on the church. We must rise in faith and invite the fire of God to consume the needful for total liberation of our land, churches and homes. The church cannot be at peace when the nation is in war.

  1. Our nation
  • Lord, we thank you for the relative unity and stability in the nation
  • Thank you Lord for the few faithful citizens of this country
  • Thank you Lord for all the resources in the land
  • O lord forgive us as a nation, our sins and wickedness
  • Lord shake all shakable for the comfort of your people
  • O Lord arise and scatter all agents of destabilization in Nigeria
  • Expose and disgrace every sponsor of wickedness in Nigeria
  • Father, frustrate all counsels of the devil over our nation
  • Dethrone every evil government and enthrone good governance
  • Let your glory return to Nigeria
  • May our leaders put in place policies and programmes that will prosper the citizens and also empower the youths.
  1. Our Homes
    1. We place our homes in your divine agenda for fulfillment
    2. Lord let our homes and lives be for signs and wonders
  • Lord let our lives and homes comfortable for your glory
  1. Lord make our lives and homes begin to experience progress and success
  2. O Lord, let us begin to enjoy divine provision
  3. We stop and bound every waster of resources from our lives and homes
  • O lord build your edge round about us
  • We pray for long life, sound health and prosperity
  1. We shall fulfill our days and be for signs and wonders
  2. Our lives and homes shall not lack good things
  1. Our Church
    1. Help us lord to always uphold the banner of the truth of Christ
    2. Let our churches be filled with your glory and take over all human manipulations
  • Bless your church materially
  1. Prosper us economically and financially. Psalm 34:10
  2. Lord restore latter house glory upon all of us
  3. We decree deliverance in all our churches
  • We decree healing from all manner of sickness
  • We decree recovery from all missing opportunities
  1. Lord release the fire of evangelism into our churches
  2. Let there be true love

Day 3


We are in the last day, a time of great distress and discouragement, increase in crime and terrorism, a time of fear when men’s heart are falling. The rich and poor, the great and the small alike.

In time like this, we must rise in the strength and spirit of the Lord against all odds to manifest Gods glory.

Like the apostles of the old who conquered their world Act 17:6, Eph. 3:10, they made things happen among the chaotic disorder in their time through the power of the spirit.

Complacency must go, their must be constant and consistent godly desire, just like prophet Elisha desired the supernatural power of Elijah when other sons of prophets were carefree and careless.

Now is the acceptable time to ask and receive divine enablement. The lord had promised to pour out his supernatural power, if we desire it, we will get it. The desire for the supernatural calls for discipline, holiness, constant feasting in the word, separation, consistent prayers.

Let us pray

  1. Lord, I am ready for the outpour of your spirit
  2. Lord, I am available, fill me with your supernatural power
  • Let the power of Christ fall on me
  1. Lord, I refuse to be an ordinary person in your church
  2. I receive fire from above to do exploit for the Lord
  3. I am released from every captivities against the supernatural power of Christ
  • I receive power to overcome sin, snakes and scorpions
  • I condemn every tongue rising against my rising
  1. Lord make me a fishing net to the lost
  2. Lord make me a victorious sword against the enemies of the kingdom.

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