TEXT:                  I Samuel 14:

By:                       Moses Akinyetun

And Jonathan said to the young man that bares his armour. Come, and let us go over unto the garrison of these uncircumcised. It may be that the Lord will work for us: for there is no restraint to the LORD  to save by many or by few.


…….likewise all the men of Israel which had hid themselves in Mount Ephraim, when they heard that the Philistine fled, even they also followed hard after them in the battle. So the LORD saved Israel that day and the battle passed over unto Belhaven (I Sam. 14:6-7, 22 – 23).

These few verses though full of big spiritual nourishments that can trigger and stimulate revival, they have not been given proper attention by both old and preachers of our time.

Jonathan was a son of a failed king. As a prince and heir to the throne, he was living in a palace with an opulence life. This privilege should have made him closed his eyes to the plight of his people. Jonathan enjoyed the best in abundance in the palace, yet he felt the pains of Israel in his heart.

He decided to leave his comfort zone to the valley of shadow of death.

…..let us go over unto the garrison of these uncircumcised.

This powerful statement also opened chapter fourteen….


Now it came to pass upon a day, that Jonathan the son of Saul said unto the young man that bare the amour, come, and let us go over to the Philistines’ garrison ….- I Sam. 14:1.


Jonathan statement connoted readiness and bravery. He was not ready to settle for anything that was less than victory. He decided to confront the garrison of Philistine. Garrison is a group of soldiers living in a town or PORT to defend it

A garrison may contain five thousand soldiers. We know that in ancient days, warfare was part and parcel of their system. Imagine Sennacherib sending about one hundred and eighty-five thousand soldiers to Israel. The garrison of Philistine might contain minimum of twenty thousand soldiers.

When two people or two soldiers decided to confront a vast army like the garrison of Philistine, one can safely say, the soldiers are on a suicide mission. Jonathan and his young amour bearer left their comfort zone of enjoyment to attack the Philistine soldiers. Whoever want to accomplish great exploits in this end time must be prepared to detach himself from the comfort zone of life and must not be fearful to face death.

Father Abraham left his comfort zone with his trained army to attack the allied forces of four Nations led by King Chedorlaomer (Gen. 14) for the liberation of his cursing, Lot, though the allied army out-numbered the troops of Abraham, the great Patriarch was not fearful to face them. He reckoned his life as nothing. Queen Esther overcame her initial fear; she decided to approach the King, though against the law of the land she said, if I die, I die. (Esther 4). The book of Revelation 12:11b says, ….and they loved not their lives unto death. This sentence is talking about the Leaders of the early church the apostles. They ministered the gospel in the face of death. They counted their lives as nothing. This is the life which Jonathan the son of Saul lived. One would have expected him to distance himself from anything that could endanger his life. But, he did not, the liberation of people of Israel was paramount in his life. The same thing goes for Abraham, David, Esther and our Lord Jesus Christ. We must be prepared to leave our comfort zone to go to the garrison of the Philistine (where the sinners are). Our Lord Jesus left Heaven, His comfort zone to come to this planet earth to seek and to save the sinners. We must be ready to do the same thing.


Another important spiritual truth in this biblical drama was the response of the armour bearer of Jonathan.

Let us see how the young armour bearer responded to the invitation or request of his boss.

“And his armour bearer said unto him, Do all that is in thine heart, turn thee behold, I am with thee according to thy heart” – (I Sam. 14:7)


This young man that can simply refer to as youth was more than willing to help his boss accomplish his dream. He was willing to go. He was willing to fight. He was willing to lay down his life! May God Almighty give us such willing youth in our Church.

The youth of this Mission should be willing to help their pastors in their respective assemblies to accomplish their vision. He did not pursue a different agenda that is totally different from his boss. Jonathan agenda was his agenda. Any youth who holds different agenda cannot go far in the ministry. As a matter of fact such agenda will not enjoy the support of heaven and earth. The agenda will hit the rock and break into  pieces. Youth, what is your agenda! Youth what is in your mind! It is high time the youth of this Mission rise up to do the things in the heart of our Jonathan. We should not have ulterior motive. We should not have a different agenda. Jesus lived His entire life to pursue the goal of His father.

And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business – Luke 2:49


Our savior lived all His days to pursue His father’s business. Not his own business. Whose business are you pursuing as a youth. Success will continue to elude any youth who has personal agenda and failure will continue to trail any youth who does not believe in the vision of our fathers. The reason some youth detach themselves from the church is because they have different agenda. Any agenda that is not of our fathers is not of the Father and such agenda will fail.


Another thing that interest me in the life of this youth is that he was not just a youth, but a youth that carried armour. He was able to fight along with Jonathan because he carried armour.

Every Christian youth that want to be relevant must be prepared to carry armour.

Paul admonished Christians to carry armour: “put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand…wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God….

Youth, put on the whole armour of God. It is when the armour is put on by you that you will be called upon to serve. It is when the armour is put on that you will be relevant. It is when the armour is put on that you can be reckoned with. I say to you put on the whole armour of God.

“Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with” Truth

  • Breastplate of righteousness
  • Gospel of peace
  • Shield of faith
  • Helmet of salvation
  • Sword of the spirit


Jonathan did not have the authority to lead all the troops into battle, but he could start a small skirmish in one corner of the enemy camp. When he did, panic broke out among the Philistines, the Hebrews who had been drafted into the Philistine army revolted, and the men who were hiding in the hills regained their courage and returned to fight.

Our youths might not have the authority to preach on the altar on Sunday or speak during conventions, but we can emulate Jonathan by starting small in a corner in the street in your neighborhood. You may be prevented from preaching on Sundays, but nobody can prevent you from preaching in a little corner in your District. Jonathan and his armour bearer went out and they cause a National Revival that led to National Victory. We should not wait for crowd, do something in your community, do something in your neighbourhood, do something in your school and God will back you up.

Our Lord Jesus sent out His disciple in twos. Each pair came back with testimonies.


Come and let us go over to the Philistines’ garrison, that is on the other side. But he told not his father – I Sam. 14:1 Jonathan was not the type that believe in eyes service. He did not want to blow his triumphed. He went to the battle together with his armour bearer. He believed in real service. He did not believe in fame and cheap popularity. This is the mind of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Behold my servant whom I uphold… he shall not cry, nor lift up, nor cause his voice to be heard in the street” – Isa. 42:1-2


Matt. 12:18-19, quoted Isaiah: Behold my servant, whom I have chosen:…..He shall not strive nor cry, neither shall any man hear his voice in the street.


Our Lord Jesus did not seek for unmerited and cheap popularity. He carried out his ministry without fanfare. I have observed that many of our youths who are into the ministry want to start form the top. They want to be seen and heard. Many don’t have the spirit of our fathers. The founding fathers of this Mission started their ministry in the streets, market places, villages and other remote places. But our youths want the whole world to hear them without doing anything in the vineyard…


There was a strong synergy between Jonathan and his armour bearer. Jonathan had absolute belief in the young man. The young man also knew he cannot achieve anything alone without Jonathan. The two are inter-dependent.

Our Jonathan who are senior ministers need the youths to make a mark. The youth also need our Senior Pastors to announce their ministry. The Senior Pastors should not despise the youths while the youths should not look down on the older ones. The elders don’t have what the youths have and the youth don’t have what the elders have. So, when there is strong interaction between the old and the young, there would be spark of fire. This type of synergy is needed in all our churches.


Jonathan and his armour bearer were not much of a force to attack that huge Philistine army. But while everyone else was afraid, they trusted God, knowing that the size of the energy army would not restrict God’s ability to help them. God honoured their faith and brave action, tremendous victory followed.

Have you ever felt surrounded by the enemies or faced overwhelming odds? God is never intimated by the size of the army or the complexity of a problem with him there are always enough resources to resist the pressures and win the battle. If God has called you to action, then bravely commit what resources you have to God and rely upon him to lead you to victory. This is what David did. He did not reckon with the size of Goliath but trusted God to gain victory over Goliath. He went to the battle with a sling and five stones and he returned with the head of Goliath in his blood-soak hands!



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