1. The servant of God as God’s weapon
  2. The scope of the kingdom warfare
  3. The support of God in warfare


  1. The servant of God as God’s weapon.

Weapon as a tool for harming or killing in attack and defense. The word came to Cyprus of Persia when God was about to pull down Babylon. It was the grandson of King Nebuchadnezzar Belshazzar, that was ruling the kingdom then. Babylon has been a symbol of opposition, defiance, evil, occultism in the agenda of God. And God was determined to pull it down for His agenda to be fulfilled.

God raised King Cyprus and fulfilled Dan. 5: 30-31.

The Spirit of Babylon is still much alive and it is the power behind human and political oppositions such as sharias, jihads, demonic laws, murders, institutional crimes, mafias etc. Rev 17:5, Rev 14:8.

As God has raised Cyprus up even before he was born Christians and servants of God have been raised before we were born spiritually to wage war. He was born to fight to wage war against occultic movement of Babylon.

Acts 26:16 We are interior minister of Defense. We are to earnestly content for the faith that was committed to the saints (Jude 3)

Thou art my battle axe… thou.. speaks of individual, nobody is exempted as long you are a servant of God.

Our warfare is both to attack and defend.

  1. We have to attack false doctrines, attack complacency, attack and take territories for God.
  2. Defend our faith. Some youths don’t believe in the Mission. This explain why some move out to where they will have unguarded freedom.

We have to be earnest in our fighting…serious, urgent…


  1. The wooden component – Human nature, human role.
  2. The iron component – Divine nature, divine role of God
  • We have to make ourselves available for God. Two ways of making ourselves available: Purity, Word and Prayer (PWP). These three elements have the major requirements of God in this service. Purity speaks about godliness, holiness and righteousness. They must be seen in our lives and we must manifest it daily.
  • Word: God told Joshua to meditate on the word of God day and night. Meditation on the word has no substitute. (Joshua 1:8).
  • The iron component is the anointing. As the iron steel is fixed into the wooden handle, the anointing is released by God unto us.

As the axe head is sharpened from time to time, anointing has to be replenished from time to time through fasting and prayer. The Bible calls this treasure in earthly vessel. 2Cor 4:7.

Jer 32 – The Holy Spirit is the evidence of purchase in us. Eph 4:30.

2Cor 4:7 – The Holy Spirit in us is a treasure in earthen vessel. It could break, it can be stolen away. So we should take care of ourselves. The treasure should be protected we should not to be careless about it.

  1. The scope of the warfare:

Nations and kingdoms. We should have global view of the work: we should not localized our ministrations.

Mk. 16:15

Jesus died for the whole world… and so our agenda and Operation should be for the whole world.

The General Overseer is getting it right on the global missions. Three people are needed for the global operations

  1. Groaners: All of us can be groaners.
  2. Givers: All of us can be givers. We should not hoard the money that does not belong to us.
  3. Goers: All of us can be goers.


  1. The Support of the Master: Matt 28:20

He had supported our fathers. He will support.

He supported early Church. Mk 16: 20

He supported Apostle Paul. Phil 4: 15-16.

I was told that Keneth Couplan  supported Reinhard Bookey in his ministry.


  • Thank God because we are his weapons
  • God to give us the makers’ strategies to launch out.
  • God to constantly sharpen us to delivers.
  • God to help us live a pure life.
  • God to give us the willingness to be growing.

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