We Aim

a) To raise able and dynamic Youths, protect, project and promote the Image of GOFAMINT at all Levels.

b) To inculcate in the members of GYF, the spirit of aggressive evangelism in the fulfillment of the Great Commission as enunciated in the GOFAMINT’s Statement of Purpose.

c) To harness and develop GOFAMINT youths’ talents and gifts in order to fulfill God’s ordained role in the church as a whole.

d) To develop and empower the Youths in careers and vocations.

e) To promote cordial and mutual relationship among the Fellowship members and with other Christian-like bodies in the world.

f) To Project and develop the Youths of the Fellowship as Leaders and Kingdom / Nation Builders of their different Countries.

g) To promote mutual cohesion within and outside the Fellowship, thus enhancing a wholesome Christ’s body in submission to the Leadership GOFAMINT.

h) To interface with the students arm of GOFAMINT in order to retain her products for the growth and development of GOFAMINT.

i) To counsel and guide matured single youths into godly marriage and avoid the error of equal yoke with unbelievers.  


The membership of GYF shall consist of:

1. All GOFAMINT Youths within the ages of 15-35 years whether married or single.

2. All GOFAMINT members with youthful attitude, passion, vision and zest that are willing to fulfill their destiny of any age above 35 years but not exceeding 50 Years of age.

3. All youths of all Categories and Professions.