a. Evangelism Ministry: This aims at reaching out to Youths and others for the Sake of expansion of  God’s kingdom.

b. Music Ministry: The desire to develop Youths’ potentials for maximum productivity in life and ministry  in the area of Praise and Worship propels the commitment to this ministry.

c. Drama Ministry: This arm is committed towards developing Natural talents in the area of drama and  acting to promote the Kingdom of God

d. Hospital Ministry: This will aim at meeting the total needs of the weak, destitute and physically  challenged at all levels especially those in the hospitals.

  e. Literature Ministry: Developing writing aptitude thus using their talent on aesthetical designs, tracts,  books, magazines, comics and cartoons.

f. Prison Ministry: Reaching out to the inmates with the Gospel of liberation and Legal Assistance.

g. Charity/NGO Ministry: Meeting the needs of charitable homes/ individuals/ organizations.

h. Other Life Changing and Destiny Fulfillment Outreaches: For the purposes of all round productivities  in life and ministry.


1. National Youth Conference NAYOCO: A Biennial National Youth  Conference that combines all cadres of Youth’s within and outside the  Mission organized for life transformation, revival and renewal of faith.  The Mission, our Patrons, Advisers, Parents, and Individuals are Agents  of sponsoring this Conference through donations, pledges and special  offerings.

2. Strategic Summit of Youth Stakeholders: It is the training arm of the  Fellowship and must be attended by all Youth Leaders at every level. It  will hold in January, June and October. The focus is to renew our vision  for the year. Each Assembly, District/ Area, Zonal, Regional and National  Leader and other stakeholders shall be regular participants.

3. MCF: Ministers’ Children Forum. It is designed to bring all Ministers  Children (Singles & Married) together to plan, pray and deliberate on  issue affecting their growth and the prospect of the Mission. (Dedicated  Members sponsors this program)

4. The Chariot: A periodic magazine designed for reports of activities,  soul-reviving messages and destiny defending packages on all aspects  of life. Each level is to send reports, testimonies, adverts, and cartoons  to the editor through our E-mail.

5. SSS: This is special singles summit (SSS) mainly for our matured  Brothers and Sisters.

6. FEEP: Financial and Economic Empowerment Project is to raise  young millionaires among the Youths. All Job Seekers, Civil Servants,  Traders, Professionals with destiny are all inclusive, who wish to allow  money work for them, instead of working for money.

7. GOFAMINT Youth Media Outreach: this is the Radio/TV ministry that  will hold in every Region or as directed by the National Youth Pastor.

8. FOREIGN MISSION: The leadership of Evangelist Moses Akinyetun  has adopted East Africa as the Fellowship Foreign Field. He has a vision  of taking GOFAMINT to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rywanda,  Ethopia … within five years. The vision is encapsulated thus: VISION TO  EAST AFRICA: GOFAMINT YOUTHS INVASION PROGRAMME –  TAKING GOFAMINT TO EAST AFRICA WITHIN FIVE YEARS …let us  run with the vision.

Programmes at Regional / District Level

1. Dynamo Night: it is an all-night prayer rain, where youths gather to  defend their destiny and reduce the failure and ill luck to rubble. It is a  training ground for Jesus’ army, which all Youths must love to attend. It is  a quarterly vigil program. All D.Ps are to be duly informed in order to put  on roster for reminder at Assembly level.

2. Singles Forum: It is a place where singles need are generally met with  adequate counseling therapy on one-to-one basis, issues relating to  youthful exuberance, juvenile delinquencies, building Godly  homes/relationship and strong devotional life as well as great destiny  graphs are designed and developed during the meeting. It may hold on  May 1st of every year.

3. JAFICO: This is a Biennial District Joint Youth Conference- JESUS  ARMY FIRE CONFERENCE. A common theme is brought to fore for  teaching plus other side attractions/varieties. The Districts may make it  free feeding camp meeting. It is usually fixed for the last week of  September to 1st Oct every year. Reports must be sent to the National  Headquarters, a week after the Conference.

4. JESUS CANTATA (DECEMBER) It is an annual music fiesta where  Youth’s come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus in a grand style  with varieties of songs, drama, dance and lots

5. PRE JAMB/WAEC CONFERENCE: This is a Forum where  Students/Applicants are assisted and equipped academically. OUTREACHES: Periodical street evangelism or crusade either to  strengthen the existing churches or to plant a new church.